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Manufacture de Lux: the new label of the french editing of iconics lights!

Initiated by les éditions Disderot, Serge Mouille and Rispal around commons values, this gathering of emblematics editors represent a french knowledge in the creation and reissue of lights in order to promote its radiance in France and internationally.

The Story of an encounter

It is first of all a meeting of enthusiasts, caring to preserve a heritage, that of the French creation of the thirty glorious. This meeting took place during the last edition of the exhibition «Maison et Objet» and notably during a conference on the fight against counterfeiting, a very important subject for the three exhibitors.
Beyond the friendship forged between our three houses, it is our common desire to preserve a philosophy and heritage that animates and unites our three brands today. Thus we revive history and perpetuate the values that already united their historical founders at the time (Pierre Disderot, Serge Mouille et Georges Rispal)

Manufacture de Lux: a label of requirement around common values

The Manufactures de Lux label was created around a base of values inherent to the three brands, guaranteeing our image and the high quality of our luminaires. Faithful to the values of their creators, this label takes root on the creation and rigor of thought of the founders as designers of the three brands.
It requires the use of noble materials, French manufacture in respect of tradition and quality, as well as demanding and limited production. Each luminaire is authenticated by a serial number and a signed certificate of authenticity.
In the name of the label, the term Manufacture echoes workshop manufacturing and craftsmanship. The word Lux refers both to the Latin roots of the word light and to the rarity and refinement of the lights of our three houses. «Manufactures de Lux» thus reflects our desire to promote French know-how and the quality of workshop manufacturing by qualified men and women.

An acting label

The label gather five brands - Disderot, Editions Serge Mouille, Rispal, Lignes de démarcation and Fosfens . It aims to welcome other brands sharing the same values and founding requirements around a dynamic and the implementation of common actions to meet the expectations of the design market. The aim is to perpetuate the timeless spirit of French lighting design, to represent French know-how and to contribute to its influence.

From left to right :

La 2093-225, série fleur d'Olivier Mourgue
La Mante religieuse, Georges Rispal
Le Lampadaire droit de Serge Mouille, 195

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