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ARTCURIAL will celebrate that light througt three emblematics model of the 20th century including the "Grand Signal" from Serge Mouille.

Exceptional meeting gathering big faces of french design with Serge mouille, Disderot and Rispal.

Throwback to the MUSIC LIVE & LIGHT event of our three french editors

Together, caring to preserve a legacy, they encourage the french creation and knowledge!

December 12th 2019 evening at the Disderot's showroom, Passage Saint Paul, 75004 PARIS

Serge Mouille, Lumières et Rémanences

April 15th to June 17th 2017 Show in Château-Thierry

This show aim to relate Serge Mouille's universe, icon of french design by his passion of metal work and more precisely lamps making. It brings back and honors the tradition of transmitting french knowledge. A knownledge that transmit the old way, from master to student, as it can be in the most prestigious school like the "école Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Olivier-de-Serres" (ENSAAMA) or in artists workshops free of access for the talented students. The show offer a diversity of originals lamps as well of some reissue of Serge Mouille. It also present creations of his heirs like François Azambourg, Karl Sauvade, Paul Balme and Fred Barnley all of Serge Mouille's students. Two of Fred Barnley: Gladys Liez and Adam Ruiz are also shown. Michel Buffet, an industrial designer who drawn lamps in the 50's, is here too. He shares the same passion for the light and metalwork.
These big contemporaries artists designer names mostly owe this meeting today to the « Éditions Serge Mouille»
Born from the encounter of Gin Mouille and Claude Delpiroux, a great visionary that left us recently. Workshops are based near Monthiers, in south Aisne close to Château-Thierry where Serge Mouille lived. A second label of reissue is created by Claude Delpiroux :

« Lignes de démarcation », a catalog in which we find Michel Buffet's lamps with clean lines and a selection of François Azambourg's creations, a great french desinger.
Cultural dept. of Château-Thierry.

L.A Maison Cannes, Crazy Baby

Crédits photos : Jens Weber, Perini Navi, Guillaume Perret

Kenzo Stores

Visite à 360° de l'Hôtel Habita Monterrey - Décoration signée Joseph Dirand

Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire

Erwin Olaf

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