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" French editor of a French Designer "

Serge Mouille settled down in Monthiers in 1963, in the South of Aisne, just a few kilimeters from where Editions Serge Mouille recreates his works of art.

Gin Mouille (Serge Mouille’s widow) and Claude Delpiroux created the company in 1999. They really wished to keep the Serge Mouille story alive. The late 1990’s was a real era for reproductions.

As a passionnate family owned company we provide personal attention to our clients. We always try to be ahead of the game, here.We’re a major player in the production of Serge Mouille lamps, because we have the exclusive rights of production.

Our lamps are reproduced, authentically and accurately, and with unique serial numbers. There is a large variety of styles, such as, ceiling lamps, wall mounted lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps and column lamps etc.

©Copyright ESM 2015

Our authentic and original lighting is produced exclusively in France.

All models are manufactured in our workshops in France. The lighting is made to order, they are numbered and delivered with their certificate of authenticity. True to the know-how of the famous artisan craftsman, the workshop also produces models to measure, for certain models.

Inspired by Serge Mouille's ideas from when he created the SCM (Company of Models Creation) in 1961, we created a new company named Lignes De Démarcation in 2013. Which reproduces faithfully and speads the work of other designers and artists with similar inspiration : Michel Buffet, François Azambourg, Jean-Louis Avril.

©Copyright ESM 2015

Claude Delpiroux, co-founder of Editions Serge Mouille company

Extrait Arte, " les lampes noires de Serge Mouille ", Danielle Schirman

Editions SERGE MOUILLE are the only holders of the reproduction rights for Serge Mouille lights.

" We were inspired to create this company which brings to life faithfully the works of Serge. We try to be the diamond in the dust as we are the unique French legal reproducers among the French designers, which keeps his artisanal spirit alive. "

We are heartbroken to announce the death of Claude Delpiroux (CEO of Editions Serge Mouille®). He died 13/10/2016.

With Gin Mouille, the widow of Serge, he realized early on that the time for reproduction of Post War Design masterpieces had come.

Under his leadership, ESM mushroomed all over the world.

This man of dialogue with a sharp sence of humour left a big impression on all the people he met !

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